Sunday, 10 May 2015

Steps To Receive Adsense payment in India by wire transfer

It is a great news for all Google Adsense Publishers in India that they will receive Adsense earnings directly into their bank account. Because Google is now paying by wire transfer to Indian Publishers. Now you have not to wait a long time to get your earnings. Google rolled out the EFT program to improve Adsense payments for all the publishers. EFT stands for Electronic Funds Transfer, which is an instant mode of payment credited directly to your Bank Account. Follow below steps to enable Wire Transfer or Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) payment in your Google Adsense account.

Steps to Enable Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Payment in Google Adsense
1 Sign in to your Adsense Account.
2 Locate the Gear Icon and click on the Payments Option.
3 Towards the left, click on Payment Settings.

4 To add new form of payment click on Add new form of payment
5 Choose Fund transfer to back account and click Continue.
6 Now add your bank account details like Bank account number, Name of the account holder, SWIFT code, Bank name, IFSC code and click Save.
Here is how to fill each text box of this form.
Account holder name:  Your Name and should match exactly as in the bank records.
Bank name: Enter the full name of your bank. If it is State Bank of India, then you need to enter it as State Bank of India and not as SBI. 
IFSC Code: This is your branch code in which you account is. You can call the Bank customer care to get this or you can visit this link  to find the IFSC code of your Branch.
SWIFT-BIC: This code facilitates a bank to receive international payments through wire transfer. It is quite possible that your bank/branch would not have a SWIFT code. If your branch has a SWIFT code, that is well and good. If not then you may enter default SWIFT code of your bank.
From this website you may find the SWIFT codes of all banks in India.These are the default SWIFT codes of central branches which can be used by any of the branches of the particular bank to receive wire transfer payments.
1. Allahabad Bank- ALLAINBBTDM
2. Andhra Bank- ANDBINBB
3. Axis- AXISINBB002
4. Bank of Baroda- BARBINBBXXX
5. Bank of India- BKIDINBBNRI
8. Punjab National Bank- PUNBINBBISB
9. State Bank of India- SBININBBFXD
10. United Bank of India- UTBIINBBXXX
Account number- Enter your own Bank account number on which you want to credit your payment. 
This is a one time process, after which Google will send all your future payments by wire transfer. So that you never have to watch over the postal and courier services, waiting for the payments.

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