Your amazing body facts

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Your amazing body

Your amazing body facts
Your amazing body facts

BLOOD :- An adult man's contains about 5liters of blood. A woman's contains about   4.3litres.The blood travels along 100,000km of vessels, which is equal to going 2.5 times round the equator. It contains 25,000,000,000 to30, 000,000,000 red cell. the life span of of red cells is only about 120 days,1,20,0000 to 2,000,0000 of them are made every second .In a human right time you will make 0.5 tonne of red cells. Red cells are made and destroyed at a rate of 2-3 million per second.

BRAIN POWER:-You loss 100,000 brain cells every day! Luckily you have 100 billion altogether. If the surface area of your brain could be ironed out it would measure 2,090sq cm.
BREATHING:-The average Person inhales 6 liters a day. You take 13-17 breaths a minute when sitting  still  and up to 80 during vigorous exercise. If you average 20 breaths a minute, you breaths 28800 times a day.
CELLS :- There are 50 trillion cells in your body and 3 billion of them die every minute (4,320,000,000,000a day). Most of these are replaced. You make 10 billion new white blood  cells each day. You have a total of 1,000,000,000,000 white cells, which help fight germs and infections.

CHEMICALS:-There  is enough carbon in your body to fill 900 pencils,enough fat to make 75 candles,  enough phosphorus to make 220 match heads and enough iron to make a 7.5cm nail.

NAILS :-Your finger nails grow o.o5 cm a week which is four time faster than toenails.

HAIR:-Hair grows 0.5mm  a day .

NOSE :-Your sneeze can travel at 160 km/h -as fast as train .

MOUTH:-You will produced 37,800 liters saliva in your life time.

HEARTBEATS:- your heart pumps 13,640 liters of blood around your body in as day enough to  fill nearly 40,000 drink cans . an average heart6 beat pumps 59cc of blood .an average heartbeat rate of 70 beats a minute add up to more than 100,000 beats a day.

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