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Yes, it is well said that couples are made in heaven and meet on earth. Every couple is special, whether it is made through love, friendship or marriage. But, today we will talk about Punjabi couples. Here, Picpile is sharing a bundle of HD images of Punjabi couples.
Check out these latest pictures of the Punjabi couples captured in their pre-wedding shoots.

In Punjab, during the journey from singles to be a couple, a boy and a girl go through various stages like Shagun, Roka, Ring ceremony and at last marriage & reception.

Shagun: A Shagun, basically tradition, when a boy or a girl meet for the very first time.

Roka: When two families become a single-family by exchanging sweets, gifts, etc. In short, a tradition of finalizing the relation of a boy with a girl.

Ring Ceremony: On this day, a girl and a boy exchange engagement ring and become a couple.

Marriage: A ceremony in Punjab, when a girl and a boy after getting "Lavans" finally becomes a husband-wife.

Reception Party: A party organised for the celebration of a couple's marriage.

All these ceremonies, a beautiful journey of a single boy or a girl to a lovable couple.

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