Thursday, 4 August 2016

How to Get rid of Masturbation

How to Get rid of Masturbation
The most embarrassing thing ever come to minds that are addicted to Masturbation and want's to get rid of masturbation and the thoughts to masturbate. Simply you can avoid these things by following steps below and apply in your routine scheduled according to these techniques.
  • Avoid Multimedia graphics and videos that include Porn.

    • Delete all the porn videos from your Daily accessible devices.
    • Stop Watching from Internet Too
    • Install some porn-blocking Applications to avoid them.
    • Play Multimedia games that you can easily crave real connection instead of porn.

  • Be Positive Stop thinking about Masturbation Side-effects and Myths

    • According to Levkoff Masturbation is good for health to get rid from stress or daily routine work while go to sleep.
    • The most important fact and myth in mind is that everyone thinks that its effect there Love or any other relationship. (Levkoff)

  • Busy your self In another Activities You like most

    • Go Join GYM workout to set your mind and focus
    • Join Indoor - Outdoor Games You like most.
    • Be creative or play video games online eg: Battlefield 4 , World of Tanks where you can make new friends  and you will defiantly be busy their and that will Help you to change your mind.

  • Commit Yourself to Avoid Masturbation 

    • Stopping a masturbation which is typically an addiction or Habit that will be change by commit Yourself.
    • Give your self awarded that when you will be two whole weeks without masturbating.
    • stop punishing yourself and just setup your mind and focus on your goal.

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